Serum /cream duo

Increase the effectiveness of the treatment provided by 2KB2 healthcareTMby using the serum and the cream together. You will quickly see the benefits to your skin. The serum has a very high concentration of moisturizing ingredients, which are also anti-wrinkle and stain-resistant.

The cream has a hyperfluid gel base that promotes absorption of active ingredients. Consequently, your skin is penetrated faster for quicker results. Our new generation of serum is both comfortable and moisturizing.

Originally intended for more mature skin, our serums cater to our younger customers as well, especially those dealing with skin issues. Also, women seeking an effective and an intensive treatment of aging can greatly benefit of this treatment. Designed to be applied every day to reinforce daily care, the serum becomes a solid partner of the cream as it complements, enriches, and accelerates the efficiency of care.


Expected results:

• Efficacy in healing with a therapeutic effect
• Cosmetic purposes: Serum and moisturizer


Our skin is our partner and we have to protect it with 2KB2 Healthcare.