Cosmetic brand from Canada 2KB2 healthcare


2KB2 Healthcare™ is dedicated to the development, formulation, and production of anti aging dermo-pharmaceutical products for skin care.

2KB2 Healthcare™ : “Made in Canada”

2KB2 Healthcare™ entry into the market was driven by the need to provide products designed for skin care which combine the unparalleled power of the naturel ingredients and the healing capacity of pharmaceutical compounds. We are bringing back the old natural traditions and we adapt them to today’s needs. We mean to heal, and we are providing healthcare. We put together the best of the nature with the science of manufacturing while keeping the active ingredients well protected by an adequate packaging.

High efficacy with our products

Our products are addressed to men and women who love to take care of their skin’s health as well as those who have skin conditions. Our products have proven a high efficacy while bringing an excellent sensation and smoothness of the skin.

Expected results :

– Efficacy in healing with a therapeutic effect
– Cosmetic purposes : serum and moisturizer

Respect nature

2KB2 Healthcare™ is based on values of respect:

  • Respect for nature and the environment.
    To develop the finest formulations, 2KB2 Healthcare™ selects the best plants from the Earth’s bounty. From harvesting to distillation, 2KB2 Healthcare™ treats nature with respect, preserving the purity and biological properties of the products it uses.
  • Respect for the human being.
    With an ongoing commitment to offer quality services and quality products, with soft and silky textures effective for treating skin in depth.
  • Respect for the animal world.
    2KB2 HealthcareTM does not test on animals.

Participate in the promotion of our products 2KB2 healthcare

Our products have already proved their efficacy, and are high end. We prefer to distribute our products only via professionals who purchase the products directly from the website or through the ambassador program constituted by healthcare professionals.